Friday May 3rd, 8pm

Ganaraksa Hotel, Port Hope

Tickets $30 (cash) available at Zap Records Cobourg and The Ganny Hotel in Port Hope.


"If had the Weber Brothers with me in 1952, Elvis would have been my roadie."...Ronnie Hawkins. Now that's a quote considering who his "Band" was at the time!


"the band (Weber Brothers) is great...", Garth Hudson, The Band


If you have never seen the Weber Brothers, its time you do and if you've seen them before, make sure you tell everyone you care about to not miss out on this incredible, world class band that has shared the stage with Chuck Berry, Willie Nelson, Tragically Hip, Kris Kristoferson, etc.

Between their renowned musical ability, high-energy, awe-inspiring performances and lessons learned first hand from rock n’ roll pioneers, a reputation as the “Baddest Band in the Land”, “heroes of this generation” and “the future in the big shoes of the past” now precedes them. Whether it be their unrivaled power as a full rock band, or their undeniable chemistry highlighted in a head-to-head duo performance, The Weber Brothers always deliver.


 Big shout out to National Shunt for sponsoring this show! A local business keeping the local music scene alive!

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